so what did you do?

on friday, i worked on a big boat, a very big boat — 45 metres actually. now to give you an idea, this thing is huge, on board gym, jacuzzi, pianno room (including piano), walk in wardrobes. It has two tender rooms, these are where the tenders are hydraulically winched from the sea and stored inside the boat while it is at sea.
the lazarette or ´garage´to you commoners was actually bigger than my apartment! Now also imagine this, the average cost to build a yacht is around 1million squid PER METRE – and this had 45 of those.
now imagine, me perched 20 metres up in the crows nest almost, with an 8mm drill in hand, drilling holes in the roof!!!! I added some photos from my great vantage point for you to look at, the boat was called Aviva.
My job was to fix some safety points high up so that when the crew are up there, they have something to clip onto to stop them falling off! so what was i using to clip onto i hear you ask? absolutely sod all!  It was also blowing a 30mph wind all day. During the really heavy gusts i actually hid behind one of the uprights incase i got blown off (chance would be a fine thing!!!)
Saturday was gorgeous, managed to work for most of it though. I did head to porto pi on saturday evening to do my shopping. Normally i hit this place on a saturday morning and it is a full on babe fest – this time, it was 7pm and it was an absolute, jam packed, totty turn out!  i was in heaven! what a place this is – crumpet left right and centre – i nearly died!
Sunday was my first day off after 7 days solid.  I loaded the boards and hit Peguera but no joy, flatter than a witches tit. Took the boards back home and grabbed a book, put my suncream on and went to portals beach. When i got there, the place was almost empty, perfect.  Within two hours it was absolutely rammed solid with totty and also more silicone than at a plastic surgeon convention. I sat for a couple of hours reading my book befor ei got bored and headed off home. I kept reading the book all day until i finished it, what a great book too, it will appear shortly in my book review.
On sunday night, i went to meet my new flatmates in the city. The new place is huge, much bigger than my old apartment and in a very cool part of the city, maybe ten or fifteen minutes walk from work too.  From there, i will be able to run the seafront each night, and yes, i will buy a pair of rollerblades soon and see if i can´t break a few bones along the way.
Nursed a bit of sunburn on sunday night and am still working out how that happened but i take comfort in the fact that i saw tons of people today with red faces. I had to laugh at my new flatmate – he had clearly had his sunglasses on all day, his face was bright red – apart from the white outline of where his glasses had been all day – almost panda like.
cycled to work this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. the sunshine sheilas are now out in force – roll on summer!!

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