G3 FCS centre fins please

has summer arrived ? seems like it although talk is that it will get crappy again next week.
for now i dont care. headed to pegeura today and had a surf in the sunshine after what seems like an age of surfing in dullness. the water was still cold but once you are sitting on the board in the sun it keeps you warm a bit like a warm blanket.
the beach was busy too – people everywhere.
when i left the beach the sun was blazing so i popped in a classic tune, spearhead – oh my god! seemed to remind me why i had moved out ot the uk. sunshine, beaches, waves and of course gorgeous girlies!!!
tonight, i am going to be oh so cool and clean up my apartment. have a couple of calls to make to try to find a new place for next month but we will wait and see what happens.
i have also scoured the island this afternoon looking for a shop that sells surf board fins – nothing. can you believe it? there must be one somewhere, maybe a little local knowledge is needed. if anyone has a centre fin on FCS fixings, G3 or bigger, please let me know.
also bust the zip on the longboard board bag – wonde rif i can get that repaired >?
found the most gorgeous chocolate cake in sundowners. chocolate and orange cake, baked with slices of orange inside the cake – so good, i managed to eat two pieces today – fat pig.
oh well, time to go cook, i am starving hungry
catch you again on monday

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