asylum seekers

I just watched some complete twat being interviewed on the bbc news.
he was protesting that failed asylum seekers were now being charged for healthcare, in particular a failed asylum seeker being charged for maternity care.
he was protesting that this was unreasonable, on top of that, the guidelines for the hospital concerned were that they should charge but not pursue the costs if the person does not pay up!
what a complete pile of shit……….FAILED ASYLUM SEEKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the time england finally gets its head screwed back on, it will be full of asylum seekers, scoungers and dossers who will have ground the country into bankrupcy or will blow it to pieces from within. all of the english taxpayers will have quit the country and gone somewhere else.
me, i live mostly in portugal and for part of this year in spain – i expect to live to their guidelines and laws, if i dont like it, i can sit and complain like a bitch or go back to my home country, a simple choice.
If i sit and complain, these bastards wont help me, they will just sit and laugh at me……..england – what are you thinking?
i got pissed off paying ten grand a year in taxes to watch the politicians not have a backbone and send people packing.  in the rest of europe, they wouldnt care, but then as england is such a soft touch, asylum seekers head there from all around europe.

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