post work surf session

well that was pretty cool.
worked through lunch and finished at 4pm to hit the beach.
this pegeura beach lines up pretty good.  tried the longboard first but couldnt catch anything to talk about so swapped to the mini mal.  good call.
had two absolute beauties, well chuffed.  was cold tonight though, mike tells me there is a snow warning for the hills above 1000metres———chilly willy, and aparently there will be swell all week.
so when i got changed and started driving back to the bar i was a happy little boy. the clouds were all kind of shapes and sizes and interrupted by evening blue skies, some clouds red, others white, a few dark grey , an awesome display of natural colour….life is good
work is hotting up – there is talk of weekend work this week, the extra wonga is always a welcome extra.
i am a little surfed out tonight so not too inspired to write a novel but will no doubt be here again later in the week.
feel free to provoke my next entry with some comments for me to talk about
until then
be good

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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