mallorca update

let me tell you all about my week – in no particular order, just the order i remember them while i am at the pc.
Last night i was invited out to Palma for the San Sebastian festival – a mega show of fireworks in the harbour. But i didnt have to stand on the quayside with all of the commoners!!!!  i had been invited along with 40 other very lucky people out into the bay on a converted fishing trawler.
we started with a drink in the harbour bar, followed by a short car ride to the quay.  Our boat for the evening was moored at the end of the quay, glistening white in the dusk light.  Steve, the owner and captain is south african, there are tons of them out here – escaping what they describe to me as a very vicious fatherland.
I boarded the boat and took my position in the bow (thats the front to you non sea farers). i sat on the edge of the boat chatting with a few of my new friends until finally the ropes were released, the engines fired and the gear engaged.
As we pushed off, the stereo kicked in and i was treated to a full hour of Pearl Jam as we bobbed gently away from our mooring, the tune, of course, perfectly selected ´Black´made  a chilling start to the evening.
I sat on the front of the boat like a figurehead – but facing the wrong way, admiring the evening of Palma Mallorca.  I imagine this is where people come that can´t afford to go to monaco.  there are thousands of boats here, probably 75% of them costing in excess of 1 million euros but around 50% of them costing much more than that – a small handfull that would cost as much as buying your own planet in outer space – with running costs similar!
the evening was chilly but no wind, i looked across the bay of palma, looking at the apartments, the castle on top of the hill, the cathedral, the boats, the yachts, all lit in warm orange lights.  the other boats bobbing around in the harbour with their red and green navigation lights on.
we were treated to home made chilli con carne from the kitchen and shortly afterwards the fireworks started.
Three single solitary and spaced out bangs.  I thought that  they were a bit crap until Rick next to me said that they were just the warning shots!!!!!!
For the next 40 minutes i was completely in awe of what was without a doubt the biggest and best firework extravaganza in my whole life – someone told me the display cost 250,000euros but i think that was a serious under estimate, the sky was full of silver, blue, green, red, orange and purples for a full 40 minutes.
Of course, when the fireworks had finished, the ships started with their horns – almost as deafening as the fireworks.  As i looked around the harbour i noticed to my right, a sea of red navigation lights and to my left a sea of green nav lights. it was a first for me!  lucky man!!
the captain took us for a quick spin out to sea and back again to allow time for traffic to clear from the town – perfect!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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