first day of work

i was still wiped out from my journey but mike figured today would be a good orientation day for me.
I had arrived in a place where – clearly there was enough money to banish world poverty for ever – and this was just one port of many.
i was in awe of these boats, all out of the ocean and on the land. no-one mentioned that i would need to be good with heights though – it never crossed my mind. i was showed around two of the yachts that were being re-fitted. the first called 50/50. A 1.8m euro yacht, with six, yes six bathrooms, in for its ANNUAL 1million refit!!! 1 million each year for christs sake.
the next – i didnt remember its name but it was of course, much bigger. while i was walking around, i noticed one familiar boat – richard branson`s Virgin Atlantic Challenger II is here, looking a little shabby.
after a little pequeno almoco i got my first job for the duration.  clean and rebuild an adjustable prop from another yacht out of the water. i started work and got stuck in.  Mike had introduced me to all of his team but no doubt i would forget all by monday.
then , before lunch i was called to another yacht to help one of his guys remove a propellor shaft, turns out it was the same boat as the prop i was working on.  the captain was there overlooking the works , a pleasant irish chap called Morton.  As i climbed what must have been a 20 foot ladder to get on deck i met Murdo. he greeted me and then said – shoes off please – and leave them turned soles up so that they dont damage or stain the deck. believe that?
when i got on deck, all of it was covered in bubble wrap too – i called it àircraft clean`.
we worked in an engine bay through two access panels. the holes werent big enough to get through and even if we could, the engine bay was big enough for the engine and nothing more. so cramped, we were using mirrors to see round corners and figure our what we were doing. a couple of hours later, the prop was out.  Bad news for the captain though, the stainless steel prop was pitted by one of the bearings – it has to be sent for xray but the general feeling was the pitting would run too deep and a new prop would be needed.
at lunchtime, i headed to see my new flat. perfect, in a cute village called Portals Nous.  two bays away from magaluf – where all the fat slags go on holiday – so i might head over there tonight!!!!!!
after dinner, i got talking to one of the girls.  she thought she knew me from somewhere ( i have never used that line personally) so we got talking more, turns out she was from devon but we had never met.  she suggested that maybe i looked like someone famous.  ì was likened to sean ryder from happy mondays once before`i said. ì know who you mean she said – but i think you are much more handsome`.
I blushed of course, thanked her and then carried on with my work.
when work finished, i headed off to a couple of bars with the guys and finished up in a bar near to my new apartment and finally hit the sack at 11pm.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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