Road trip

well, its that time again.
the car is packed and ready to go, will be leaving within the next couple of hours.
this trip is worrying me though. this time, i have no magical pot of money to get me out of the shit if things go wrong.  admittedly it is a trip of less than half the distance that i would normally do but i reckon valencia from here will be a good 10 or twelve hours – once i am on the ferry , i will consider myself safe.
if you see a distress beacon anywhere between vila do bispo and palma mallorca – send the extraction team!
so, this time tomorrow night i hope to have found a new place to stay for the coming months, maybe somewhere in the hills or maybe somewhere in the city – i fancy a bit of city life for a change but we will wait to see what materialises.
i plan to work solid as hard as possible as much as possible.  work, sleep, run, read, surf, swim and not much more and come back with enough money to fix up my little love shack!!!  god damn – i might even pimp myself out to some rich old widdow!
if all else fails, i will steal one of the yachts i am due to fix and sail it back here to sell it.   minted!
anyhow – time for me to leave my beloved portugal for a while – as soon as i find my feet again i will update my space – keep watching

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