did my space get hacked???

seem to have lost loads of photo albums from here….maybe they will be back next time i log in.
well, it has been a while like i said, and i will need to be quick today, the sun is out, i have time off work to prepare for my trip and would like to have a quick surf today too.
New Year
as you would expect, was complete and utter carnage.  me, alex and mase headed into sagres. we left the house at around 11.30 in the evening and started in the bubble.
was already quite lively but normally for new year nothing really gets going until after midnight.
somehow, by then we were already in the dromedario, and this is where things get a little hazey. the mental ex missus – sandra, was in town but we managed to avoid her all night long, either that or i was so hammered i dont remember seeing her.
i do however remember chatting with a very saucy english bird, who can be best described as ´posh totty´, her name , anna.
as the night washed on, i got so hammered i had no idea what i was saying to her,  and of course, this meant i managed to completely offend her and make her run away, but not before snogging her face off outside of the dromedario.  so all was good.
while i was involved in teh tongue twisting there, alex had also found himself with her friend, an aussie bird!  only problem was, alex remembered none of this until we met anna again two days later and she told us all about it.  wierd thing is, the aussie reckons that alex was a good kisser – i reckon she must have been kissing me at the time.
anyway, as the night progressed and anna ran further away from me and my drunken slurrs – i am told that i was also occupied with a busty blonde germany girl too – also inside the dromedario.
this was a little embarrassing as i had no recollection of this at all, it was only last night when we were at the bar talking with franzi, kati and dorte, that the blonde walked in and started talking with me.  franzi kept winking and smiling.  when the blonde left, i asked franzi what all her signals were about,then she told me, aparrently i had spent two hourschatting and snogging the blonde but could not remember even talking to her!!
i have a big void in my memory at the moment, nothing from midnight or just after – until 07.30 in the morning when we finally got home.
new years day was of course spent in bed, i got out once at 7pm to be sick, then went back to bed until 07.30 the next morning when i got up for work.
complete carnage
but salvaging something – we met with anna again, she was ok so i guess i didnt offend her too much, and we have seen each other a couple of times since.  might even head to the beach with her this afternoon.
back to work tomorrow and then i head to mallorca hopefully by sunday.
keep watching this space

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