christmas day in blighty

i didnt set my alarm for xmas day. i figured that i didnt have to check out until midday and that there was no way i woudl sleep that long.  the night before, i had been in bed by 11pm after what was a dissapointing night on the prowl.
i woke, and flicked the tv on – Alice in Wonderland – how incredibly english!!  and of course the people that wrote that stuff must have been incredibly stoned or having a serious LSD flashback – that is the only way they could ever think of wierd stuff like that.
the shower was hot ! too hot, had ot turn it down. washed my hair to get the smell of cigarettes out of it, sniff tested the night before’s T shirt – that absolutely minged so had to go for a clean one, what could i wear today? being a typical bloke, i had brought with me, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of pumps and a hundred T shirts.
went for a tried and tested combination then headed out for some breakfast. 
songs of praise was playing in the lobby, i wondered what the group of american guests made of that but when they left i turned over and watched friends for half an hour befor eheading back to the room and packing up my things
a short walk to my uncles house and then my sister would pick me up form there. i walked through the old picnic area alon side the canal, a definate nip in the air, my breath was easy to see in the cold mornign air. i walked palongsode some barges moored for xmas and wondered how cold the night had been on them.
the picnic area and the path alongside the canal were exactly as i remembered them from when i was a kid. the difference now was that i was seeing them from a walking pace rather than riding flat out on my bicycle, dodging other people that were wlking and shouting at me because i would have scared them half to death.
my stay so far had amounted to a big trip down memory lane.  nothing had changed at all, there were a few new pub names in town, a few new buildings poping up but the place was still basically the same. i had bumped into some old friends over the course of the last few days – they hadn’t changed at all either, some of the folk i had met didnt even look to have aged.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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