how to talk geordie

Its easy to do, below are a few words for you to practice with.  once you have mastered these words, you will be able to go to newcastle and be completely undetectable as an outsider!
photocopier – ´foe-toe-kop-e-yah´
kawasaki – ´caw-ah-sakee´
conjunctivitis – ´con-junk-teev-eit-us´
bacon – ´bey-kun´
f#cking joking – ´foo-ken-joh-kin´
to really blend in with the locals, pratice these in front of a mirror at home with a can of newcastle brown ale in your hand and a ´tab´hanging´ from your bottom lip.
lesson two coming soon

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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