Flatter than a plate of pee

in all of my time on the algarve i have only seen the ocean as flat as this once before.  there is no wave to be had anywhere.  South coast is as flat as a witches tit, the west as flat as a plate of piss.
mind you,
i had a small wager with Gentleman Jim on saturday.  we had inspected two beaches and i told him that there would be nothing.  he was convinced that we should try two other beaches but i said no.  finally i agreed only if he bought the hot chocolates at armado if he were wrong.
seems my superior local knowledge paid off again – the chocolate was on JC.
so today, the forecast was for even less of a wave so i never even ventured out.  put JC to work helping me shift some hard core ready for the new terrace.
tomorrow it is back to work, have a beautiful mazda V6 in a thousand pieces at the moment.  if i can get that back together before xmas, i might venture back to england for xmas dinner

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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