bullshit surfers

i have a little experiment for you all to try.  please follow the instructions very carefully and do not read ahead until you have completed all of the instructions.
walk to the nearest wall, turn around and put your back flat against the wall.
next take two long strides forward, away from the wall – make them the biggest strides you can make.
look at where your feet are on the floor and make a note, this spot is where your head must be in a few moments.
OK, lay on your belly, with your head in exactly the same spot as your feet just were but make sure you are facing the wall that you just had your back against.
once you are in position, lift your head so that you can see where the wall joins the ceiling, now imagine, that the wall is a wall of water or a wave!
now imagine this.  in the average house, the ceiling height is around 8 feet (approxomately 2.5 metres)  or in surf terms one and a half times overhead.
now, bullshit surfers will tell you they surf this size of wave all of the time, and often surf bigger.  sure, some of them can but imagine that you are on your surfboard trying to paddle out through a wave that size!!!!!!
the pro big wave dudes would have a boat or a jetski to take them out beyond the break but the bullshit surfers can paddle through anything!!!
and while i am having a whinge – two more things that really piss me off.
1. Ebay – why will people only ship to the uk?  they have to go to the post office, whatever the destination is and the buyer always pays for the postage costs.
2. People that have  ablog and restrict access to it. they can see my page but i cant see theirs – are they so fat and ugly that they are embarrassed?????

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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