falling in love again

today was another bank holiday (immaculate conception day) so we only worked half a day.
it was a most beautiful december afternoon, the sun was out, the wind had gone away, it was warm and gorgeous.
i headed for tonel with my boards and had a fun two hours in the water. not a massive wave but managed rides on both boards so i was chuffed.
the sun was still warm when i got out and changed back into my clothes. I suddenly realised how captivating this place was, once again.  it is wierd, however detached or obscure things can get, a trip to a sunny beach always puts life in perspective.  sagres is such a beautiful place, i am so lucky to be living here.
drank a hot chocolate in the dromedario before heading back to tonel, this time on the cliff tops to watch the sunset – i never get bored with them!
i sat and listened to dave grohl singing everlong (thanks max!) i am really in paradise.
tonight i ring the man in mallorca to see if the work offer will materialise there in january.  could use some wonga right now to start fixing up the old love shack.
my cats are still mental, meli still tries to sleep on my head, he is so stupid he makes me laugh, sacha is the hunter, she eats all the spiders and moths but is very timid. Neither of them like being locked out of the house all day but they were the laziest pair of tossers i had ever met so i figured it would do them good.
My nosey neighbour, lui, left for belgium this morning, he will be gone until march – peace at last.  tonight i will celebrate by having a big bonfire. at least he wont be there ´saving´the things i am trying to burn.
tomorrow i will call the solicitor – lui claims to own a piece of the land that i bought, let the legal dudes decide that one.
so all in all, life is good again. still havent decided what to do for xmas, my secret visit to the family on xmas day was foiled two fold, i still have the air tickets but am trying to decide about xmas day on the beach in the sun or in a freezing cold, rainy, snowy, icey england…….
watch this space

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