a cat story

at the weekend i went to pick up a cat, the owners were moving to lagos and needed to re-house it.
meli is an 8 year old tom……called meli because he is a similar colour to honey  (mel in portuguese)
when i got there , there was also a 13 year old female , an amazing smoke grey, very old and a little thin. the owners told me they were taking her to the vets to be put down as she was old and they didnt think she would re-house………so i took her as well – she is called sasha.
both cats have settled in well but meli has got into the habit of coming to sleep on my head at six each morning, and i do mean on it!!!.  stupid cat.
the neighbours cat hates them both and tries to fight them whenever she can. you would think the tom would give her a bit of whoop ass, but no, he´s a lover not a fighter.
anyway, will have some photos soon so keep checking in.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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