hell hath no fury pt.4 V2

i am honoured!  sandra left me (and all of you) a message.  You can see it further down the page but i also added it below
hi everybody ! I was told ,me that you published on your site, the e-mail i sent you, as well as text messg. Yes it´s all true , what i think about you !You know the reasons pretty well … Sara the "boss wife", was my friend I do make friends , I´m not animal like you , I´ll talk to her as many times as I like, I´do have more to talk about, than you !!! who are you?! please make me a favor, forgets me , get real ! Be happy ! kisses all everybody Sandra
forget me?  i would if you would stop texting and writing me!!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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