hell hath no fury pt.2

i thought it would be a good idea to ignore her text and not respond, maybe she would go away. how wrong i was. i just logged in to read an email she sent, listed below
I was the best that hapens in your life, you’re the worse that hapens in mine!
You’re just an accident, the bigest scum that i ever meet…i don’t even knew that such a persons exist!

You don’t have any scruples or any character, don’t have any kind of education…you are only a fucking sheet emigrant, that not even have rights in my country, why don’t you live? I want sheet out of my country!

This four months where such a lost of my  time, i don’t even think on them as a part of my life!
I fell dirty because of you, you make me sick! I only hope that i didn’t catch any disead with you, a person that fucks with everything that moves…we never know!!!

I’ dont suprise that your son can’t even see you! You have what you deserve, cause you must be such a lausy father!!!
If you ever see me again, please not even dare to look at me or try to talk with me!

You will be alone all your life, and the only thing that i cant feel for you,  is pity and a deep despised!!!
You don´t deserve my beaches, my weather nothing .GO WAY

so it would appear that one of us was a little unstable. please feel free to email her with your comments – santunes2@hotmail.com

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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