emmets, grockles and domestic appliance shopping

so yesterday i managed to buy a cooker, fridge, washing machine and water heater.  one thing you cant escape, whichever corner of the world you try to hide in, is the need for habitation and white goods.  and wherever you are, however cheap it is to live in your corner of the world, all costs are relative!  houses are money consumers, even more than a girlfriend can consume. mind you, the length of each relationship is similar – at least in my case.
today i ate more fresh figs from my tree, this week i hope to trim it back a little so that i can hang a hammock under its branches.  I will trim the other trees too, and cut back the cactus´s that spike me each time i go through the gate.
the water heater will be fixed to the wall in the outside kitchen and plumbed in with my own fair hands.
next weekend i have to pop across to seville in spain, they have an IKEA there, i need a bed or two and some wardrobes, then i am complete and can officially move in,.
the old lady left me a very retro three piece suite, bright orange in colour, either from the 60´s or 70´s not sure which!!!  maybe i will take some photos and post them to the site, provided microsoft doesnt censor them for extreme bad taste.
sandra hasnt been around for a week now, and wont be here again until october.  with all of the visitors i have had this month we would have had little time together. Will have a new bed just intime for her next visit
so i guess that is all for now.  keep watching the space for daily updates

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