Casa Myh

will be the name of my new house.
Myh – meaning ‘mind your head’  as all of the doors are small and i am so tall.  it will be a regular thing to see me with a bruised forehead and black eyes soon.  a small price to pay for a large chunk of tranquility.
so this afternoon went to tonel for a surf.  huge waves but closing real quick so sat on the beach for a few hours.
the weather has changed since the rain last week, the wind is up and dare i say it, i actually felt cold on the beach today.
might have to get the wetsuit out again soon.
will check tonel again in an hour, the tide will have pushed in and might have some good waves.  I laughed a lot at the grockles today, trying to surf in what was very hard conditions…..i also wonder why they would try to surf without getting any lessons first………one of lifes little mysteries i guess
Donnie Darko – have you seen this film?  watched it last night and again today, i am just trying to understand what it is all about, will watch it again this week i am sure.  if anyone has worked it out, please let me know – an excellent film and when it ends, your thoughts begin to try and work out what was going on!  much better than a disney ‘happily ever after’ ending.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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