since wednesday (for the technically minded)

i have been working on this old snotter. A 1990 landcruiser.
the mountings for the pedal boxes had completely rotted away so that when you pushed the clutch, it didnt actually operate the clutch, just moved the pedal box instead.
in england, this car would have been taken to the scrap yard but over here, a vehicle like this is still worth around 5000 euros so we have to fix them up.  Gonna cost the guy the best part of three days labour but he will be happy.
new slave and master cylinder repair kits and honed out the cylinders for good measure too.
all will be peachy.
it is amazing what we fix over here, in blighty, it is always ´fit new´
anyway, this weekend is a bank holiday so it is going to get even busier here with tourists.  i am going to work tomorrow morning and fix my car in the afternoon, might try a sneaky dawnie before work but the surf has been real lame this week.
more soon

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