the end of another week

well, what can i say?  the pictures added today say it all i guess……..more beach time with minha namorada and also with luis, a friend from lisboa.
luis had never tried surfing before so i had to take him in.  Sandra on the other hand was too chicken água e muito frio´ maybe next time, when the surf is on on the south coast, its a little bit warmer there!
a busy week at work and i am expecting the same again this week.
James is still way up north, spoke to him this week but told him the place was heaving with tourists so dont bother coming back until september.
the local winds are keeping the temperatures here cooler than elsewhere, many places hitting low forties now, forrest fires raging all ove rthe place and no sign of rain yet.  water rationing is becoming more of a reality each day.
yet still my neighbours sprinkle their lawns and wash the pavement and road with a hose pipe……….sometimes they can be a little too stupid for their own good.
my car is really dirty at the moment but in the interest of saving water – i dont clean it – well that is my excuse anyway.
have many visitors next month, Alex, dean, rupert and christine , all in one month…….gonna be messy no doubt.
well, time to go , but please come back soon, and feel free to leave me a message
çiao bebes

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