the history of tea (according to the portuguese)

Portuguese Sephardic Jews went to North Africa, Turkey, Holland, Italy,
France, Germany and England. It was the Portuguese Sephardic Jews who
taught the British how to fry fish (fish and chips) because they took with
them to England Portuguese olive oil! It was Queen Catherine of Braganza
who taught the British how to drink the "five o’clock tea." This same
queen introduced the use of the fork to the Royal House of England and
also tangerines! The largest borough of New York City was called
"Queen’s"2 in her honor. I unabashedly stated in my lecture that the First
Queen of Bristol, Rhode Island, was 100% Portuguese because the first
street map of Bristol (1680) shows a street with name "King" (in honor of
King Charles II) and another street with the name "Queen" (in honor of
Queen Catherine of Braganza). Even today this same street is named
Catherine Street!3
Of course we all know this is complete tosh – tea is an englishmans drink – always was, always will be

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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