house 3 (my favourite)

check this place out.  no electricity or sewage connected but it does have water.  a littl eover priced at 65,000 euros but my builder chum tells me to bid her 40,000.  he is going to bid her 35,000 to help me along a little.
check out the cobbled street at the front, and the huge courtyard at the back is not overlooked by any of the neighbours.  It also faces south too which is a bonus.
inside is small but already has a mezzanine in the roof space, a perfect batchelor pad i think.
My builder friend tells me i could easily do the work myself witha few pointers from him.  the clincher here is that it can all be done with a rennovation order, no project required.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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