wind maketh not a wave my friend

please let me clear this up for you all.  If i hear one more person ask if i surfed while the wind was at gale force, i am gonna shoot someone.
local winds can only lightly influence the wave as it comes ashore.  the wave is created out at sea by storms, low and high pressure and gravitational pull from the moon and/or sun.
when the wave gets here, it can be helped by a wind blowing offshore or spoilt by a wind blowing onshore, the heavier the wind, the more effect it can have, but it doesnt make surfable waves on its own.
And as for that stupid english fool that i passed in the toilet of the dirty duck last time i was in england, you are an ass!!!!  you told me ´surf´s up dude´but i bet my best paddling arm you had no idea what you had said…….tosser.
so today, when i finished work i was gagging for some surf, tried, mareta, tonel, beliche, tolheiro, ponte ruiva, armado and carapateira – all a complete waste of time.  looks like a new moon tomorrow so things might improve for the weekend.
i was so hungry, i headed to the dromedario for theri special chapatta and chips, mayonaise all over the place, i love the stuff.
enough for now

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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