bomb attacks in london

through the media of internet, i am reading about what is unfolding in blighty.
liek all of you , wondering who is behind it all and why they would want to do it in the first place.
my first thoughts are with the innocents caught up in all of this, ordiinary people just going about their own business.
But it doesnt take long for other thoughts to filter through!
i cant help but think that england has become a soft target in recent years, all politicians are too scared to do what they need to do incase of loosing voters.  Instead, they pussyfoot around like spineless jellyfish.  I dont aim my comments at any one particular party but at all of them – they are all as bad!
I always remember the iranian embassy seige in the 80´s when thatcher was in power.  She had little regard for how the media might report what she did, more so, the message she sent out to any would be terrorists was – if you threaten england, you will pay with your life.
now, war is fought not with the bullet or the bomb but with the media and the internet.
Dont misunderstand me – i am not a war monger, i would much prefer world peace – i am a tree loving hippie after all.  Ask yourself what must be done to ensure our own security and the answer becomes simple. Defence is defence, and sadly to maintain our own safety , we inevitably will have to kill others that want to kill  us, me , you, your family and friends.  Faced with the decision of killing other people or watching your own family die – which woudl you choose – it is a very simple question.
The problem we face is that the enemy is prepared to die for what they believe. I listen to the anti war establishment but am left wondering what they would have done on 9/11, would they have stood on the top of those buildings waving their arms at the planes flying at them?  pleading with the pilots to turn around?  Yes , they probably would have, they are passionate for what they believe but so were the pilots of those planes, nothing would have stopped them except removing their ability to get in the planes in the first place.
so where do we go from here?  as events still unfold, people die and injured get treated, we dont know.
When we do know – i beleive that everything should be done to completely remove this threat so that it could not perform in this way again.
Of course there will be those who claim my view is undemocratic – in theory it may be, but remember, these people dont come from , or recognise democratic rights or backgrounds themselves but most importantly , if you look in a dictionary for democracy , it mentions nothing about negotiating and and having your voice heard with bombs and bullets.
England has become a soft target in recent years, thats my belief , and thats why i moved out of the country.  Until the english are prepared to defend what they want, their country and their beliefs, england will have no defence.
sorry if i bored you
my last thoughts are with the innocents of this attack!

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