mallorca for the winter ?

so let me tell you about my new friends.
Mike and tracy.  mike is south african , tracy english, two young boys, benji and alex.
i first met mike and tracey last september when i was out here on holiday, they didnt have th ekids with them that time.
we met again this year at the bubble lounge , purely by coincidence.
both of them have their own businesses in mallorca, mike has a marine engineering business.  He tells me that he gets really busy from january to march, which is when we get really quiet here.  Mike says he thinks he will have plenty of work if i wanted to go for a while, so, in the spirit of adventure, and being a mechanic i reckon i will head there after alex leaves portugal on january 4th.
i would like to go until maybe the end of february , maybe even longer, depending on how busy russ gets here.
there is of course – surf to the north of the island!!!!
would be good to try something new but i wouldnt want to live there, this place is too cool to leave for ever.
so i will start planning my trip soon and spend the winter repairing yachts in mallorca – i reckon i will enjoy this too.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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