Retro Nº 2 – 27th February 2005

well i made it through another week busy as hell at work, didnt stop once all week. that was good for the bank balance.

´this week i am meeting with the local council to discuss the building project i am interested in at Raposeira where i work.  if they will let me make the changes i want to, i might have some big news by the end of next week. i would like a place of my own now, there is nothing wrong with where i live, in fact i will miss it but there is something i cant explain about having a place of your own. and some extra income from renting rooms would be good too.

school is good. sometimes i think i am not learning enough but when i am in a situation where no-one speaks english i surprise myself just how well i can manage. i try to be gramatically correct with everything rather than just muddle through like others in the class but typical of latin language there are masculine, feminine and plurals to learn, even some words are exactly the same but with a different accent above one of the letters which completely changes the meaning or sex so it can be tricky.

i put the 10’2” in for repair last week so have been trying to cope with the 8’6” i am struggling. the big board (Ark Royal as it is nick named) is great fun and a very chilled and relaxed ride – i am missing it a bit too much. had a minor fault with the love bus this week, a wire snapped on the temperature gauge but that was a quick fix so nothing to worry about there. have started trawliing the papers looking at cars. even considered a small diesel car. diesel is about 60p a litre here so it would pay for itself in fuel alone. road tax can be as cheap as 7€ a year – yes seven euros, that wasnt a typiing error. and insurance is cheaper too. i considered coming back to england to buy a cheap motor but once it was here it would be completely worthless, and the steering wheel would still be on the wrong side.

the movie tonight in the dromedario is ‘anger management’ an excellent film with jack nicholson and adam sandler. if you havent seen it already, go and rent it.

i had an e mail from my friend Zeni in america. she is coming back this week! a little later than expected but she is so sweet i have to forgive her time keeping. i have a forfiet to pay now, i have to take her to the cinema. i bet her that she wouldnt return until summer………..bummer. anyway, i have to dash, the bar is getting noisey. a group of spanish people walked in and asked if the bar had salsa music. turns out they do so they pushed the tables aside and turned the place into a salsa dance hall – a noisey bunch they are too. until next week keep warm my english chums!!!! keep warm çiao

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