Don´t tell me they´re not intellegent.

It does seem absurd that these wonderful creatures are still being caught and killed deliberately in fishing nets around the world.
watch the clip, it is work and child safe, no volume needed.
Now you are completely in awe, just like me.  I havent seen any dolphins on this voyage but after my dive courses, i am pleased to say i have seen some awesome marine life.  Today while on the bottom and about to remove my face mask, my instructor frantically told me to wait – a small sea turtle was swimming straight toward us while we were motionless on the bottom, this was my closest encounter to date.  We also peered under a rock to watch two lobsters hiding away from the human dinner table, followed a barracuda as it hunted for its dinner and swam amid schoales of fish of all sizes.
Think before you pollute!!!
ok.  i am shattered now, i need to sleep and it is only 1pm.  On thursday evening our guests arrive and then we have 10 days of heavy work.  Our light at the end of the tunel is a week off in martinique once they have left, and then, by late february we are heading home.
I really can´t wait to get home.  OK , i know home is portugal but at the moment, anywhere in mainland europe will do just fine, the ability to get things done with minimum stress and fuss is a good thing.  The instructor here in Antigua just told me to post my PADI details from somewhere else, not here, because the beuocracy is bullshit.  she has been waiting for a birthday card since november!
So soon, back to civilisation and some surf.
If alex faggotpants is out there – tell me about my new pranche grande

2 responses to “Don´t tell me they´re not intellegent.

  • Alex

    Your new pranche grande will be ready for me to pick up this weekend, it is big, purple and with bag specially made to accomodate such a large length and girth. The ding man is proper proud of it and from what i can gather a little jealous, as you will be once i have riddden it before you and told you how she feels!
    All that is left now is for her to be named, answers on an email, maybe take inspiration from my new bus \’bella\’ portuguese for beautiful of course. Photos will be sent to you and no doubt posted quicktime, prepare to feel the stoke phattboy.

  • Paddy in Paradise

    What a load of rubbish….wheres Wayne, the all shagging, all conquering, totally argumentitive sod we all love…..wheres the love interests, the broken hearts, the \’kiss and make up stories\’, the \’ she could\’nt get enough of me stories\’, we all love dolphins and turtles, but surely you\’ve got better than that!!! Make it up…..why tell the truth if a lie is far more interesting, live it for us!!!

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