it´s getting hot in here

I´ll take off all my clothes
no i hear you scream….
unbelievable, and it will hit the low 40´s in a month or so more, make sure i am not here when that happens.
today absolutely flew past.
decided that i finally needed some new speakers for the car and treated it to some new oil too. now check this out, 5 litres repsol oil, 18.95 euros, 1 set 80watt rear speakers 15.95 euro, 1 set 180 watt front speakers 31.00 euros – an absolute bargain too.
finally fixed the aircon when i got home from blighty.  had a lot of persuading to do to get the bottle on the plane but they had no idea what it was all about so they let me on with it anyway.  Now, each time the plane creaked or jerked, i was convinced that the bottle would go bang. thankfully it wasnt in the locker above my head, the stewardess had moved me to allow a wheel chair passenger more room so it would have blown his head off instead of mine.
there was a rumour of some swell at the weekend – that would be sweet, especially if it comes in at peguera, could easily spend the day there while the girls cook in the sun.
although i wonder if ryan is just trying to make me feel homesick?? he takes great joy in telling me each morning that portugal is experiencing the best swell in 20 years…….wanker!! i will get him back.  did i tell you what i did to him the other week?  he takes great pleasure in doing silly things like hiding my shoes or cable tieing my tool box closed. so the other sunday i tied a couple of cans to the back of his van.  but the best was yet to come, as it was a van, it has no windows in the rear and a great big white panel which is great for writing on.
i nicked some red tape from the electricians and wrote as big as i could along the passengers side so that he couldnt see it
of course the love bit was the shape of a heart rather than the word, and Í´was on top and cock underneath.
he drove all the way through palma and home with this on the side, maybe 20kms, wondering why cars were pulling alongside and hooting and cheering him.  needless to say he was very quiet on monday morning – that will take some beating, i have no doubt he will try though.
so tomorrow is friday, and the day after – saturday, both work days for me this week, and will fix up the car. i am in two minds whether to fit my new door mirror too, some git is bound to smash it off if i fit it.
dilema dilema dilema

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